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  • Challenging and diverse puzzles. Our party of 6 had a great time! The hints kept is going without giving away too much. Alex, the host, took time to answer a lot of questions from our teen boys on how the games and puzzles were made.

    Jamie Anderson Avatar
    Jamie Anderson

    This experience was well worth every penny. The whole experience was way more dynamic than I thought it would be. Escape Room? It was more like two and a half Escape Rooms... I brought 8 friends here as a birthday event and I think it's safe to say that all 9 of us were completely blown away. I wouldn't have finished all those ingenious... read more

    Sofia Woods Avatar
    Sofia Woods

    I had a lot of fun here! This was my first escape room, and it was a great experience. It was a 90 minute room with unlimited hints. The staff was very nice and welcoming. They did a good job of making sure our group of three had a good time and never got too frustrated. When we correctly solved a puzzle but had trouble... read more

    Jasmine Zhou Avatar
    Jasmine Zhou

    I've played most of the escape rooms around Sacramento and SF, and this is one of the very best. It has clever, challenging puzzles and great use of technology.

    Richard Chiburis Avatar
    Richard Chiburis

    Great experience at this escape room! The puzzles were challenging and kept everybody in our group engaged. The story was fun and the theme worked well to keep the suspense going. I highly recommend it! Very professional and friendly, engaging staff 🙂

    Sophie Calixte Avatar
    Sophie Calixte

    First escape room ever. Ages 14-47 and everyone was able to contribute. Fun!

    Rebecca Casey Avatar
    Rebecca Casey

    Surpassed my expectations for my first escape room, the 5 of us loved it and enjoyed the creative puzzles and fun story surrounding it! The puzzles are diverse so there will always be something for someone to have a strength in. The host is very friendly and always ensuring you get the full experience. I look forward to going to their next installment. Highly recommend!

    Melodie Walker Avatar
    Melodie Walker

    Had a great 90 min. Complex puzzles, amazing contraptions. We learned a lot from Alex afterwards too.

    Theron Cosgrave Avatar
    Theron Cosgrave

    Really good puzzles and spooky theme! Can't wait for the next room!

    Carter Johnson Avatar
    Carter Johnson

    i went here along with my family and we all had a blast! The puzzles were difficult at times, but crazy fun! I'd also recommend going in groups of 5 at the most, it can become hard with too many people. Overall, a super fun place to take the family or test your abilities with your friends!

    •Foxers • Avatar
    •Foxers •

    The first time I did an escape room that was challenging and fun. It was thought provoking and made me think. 10/10 would definitely come back when they open more games.

    Distinguished Beings Avatar
    Distinguished Beings

    Great time, definitely worth going to and I’m looking forward to the new rooms they will provide in the future

    Jacob Flener Avatar
    Jacob Flener
  • This was our first experience in an escape room, and it set the bar pretty high for future experiences! The attention to detail was amazing, and Alex did a great job of explaining everything. We went with a group of 6: four adults and two teens. It was the perfect number for us, as it allowed everyone to have a part in solving the puzzles.... read more

    Danielle Millward Avatar
    Danielle Millward

    I really love this place because of the many different puzzles, this causes everyone to either work together or independently

    Lucassopicasso - Avatar
    Lucassopicasso -

    My first escape room. The puzzles were tons of fun and really intense. Time flew fast! It was definitely worthwhile.

    Nathan Sweet Avatar
    Nathan Sweet

    The riddles and puzzles were very good! Nice tech and cure in the details. Immediate recommendation!

    Lorenzo Mambretti Avatar
    Lorenzo Mambretti

    Loved the plot, and the puzzles were tough, but solvable. You have 90 minutes, and we finished in about 88. We had a fantastic time, and I can't wait to see what they come up with next. Definitely recommend this escape room.

    Jennifer van Esquivel Avatar
    Jennifer van Esquivel

    By far one of the coolest places in Davis. I've lived here for 12 years and this has been the most fun and interactive experience Davis has offered. Highly, highly recommend for anyone who enjoys a good mystery, puzzle, or challenging/rewarding game. Alex is the man!

    mina alali Avatar
    mina alali

    Amazing escape room made and run by one person. It was more difficult and longer (90 min timer) than the other rooms I've done but it wasn't so challenging that it was no longer fun. Unlimited hints are offered if you really get stuck. Highly recommend

    Peter Jespersen Avatar
    Peter Jespersen

    I've done a lot of escape rooms, and this one is definitely up there as one of the best. The puzzles were really varied and creative, and the experience is well curated, campy, thoughtful, fun. I hope they make more!

    Timothy Pickett Avatar
    Timothy Pickett

    I've done a couple of escape rooms and this has been my favorite. Everything about the experience felt genuine and handcrafted. Puzzles were creative and challenging!

    Elliott Johnson Avatar
    Elliott Johnson

    Had a ton of fun doing their witch themed game last night! The puzzles were really thought out and engaging. And our team was just barely able to escape with 13 seconds left too! (Even if we probably asked for more than the average amount of hints).

    I also loved that it was a 90 minute experience, rather than the usual 60 minutes, so definitely...
    read more

    Andrew Caudle Avatar
    Andrew Caudle

    We had an amazing time completing this room, the puzzles were challenging and increadble, staff amazing and passionate. The atmosphere felt slightly unprofessional throughout the room and the website, however as they have only been open a month I am sure that that will go away. Don't let that discourage you from going in the slightest, they definitely know what they are doing. Thank you... read more

    Martin Hankins Avatar
    Martin Hankins

    Great escape room built by two guys who are very passionate about escape rooms. Very fun and challenging!!!

    Sean Pratt Avatar
    Sean Pratt
  • Really enjoyable experience. The challenge from the puzzles were just tough enough to require critical thinking, but not so much that hints were required. The presentation of the room and scenario weren't the most creative, but had great execution. Overall easily recommended.

    Emmanuel Covarrubias Avatar
    Emmanuel Covarrubias

    This was our first escape room experience and it was fantastic! The proprietor was extremely nice and the group really appreciated the depths to which he went to stay in character. Definitely worth a try if you're looking for something fun and different.

    Serban Porumbescu Avatar
    Serban Porumbescu

    The showman ship was top notch, he really set the tone and had a ton of cool puzzles. You can see the amount of engineering and time and passion he put in to his puzzles and it shows in the experience you get from the room. I would highly recommend this all experience levels and a fun time.

    S Bola Avatar
    S Bola

    An excellent experience from beginning to end! Our host, Alex, was professional and friendly and set a positive tone for the whole room. The puzzles were varied and challenging, but fulfilling and made sense when we solved them.
    The story was fun and straightforward, with great matching decor and sound effects.
    Highly recommended!

    Cody Parcell Avatar
    Cody Parcell

    This was my second escape room, and it didn’t disappoint! I went with a group of four, and we escaped but narrowly missed making the scoreboard. Still, it was fun. Also great to chat with the creators afterward about their experience creating the room. Looking forward to seeing what these folks come up with next.

    meghan bobrowsky Avatar
    meghan bobrowsky

    I visited about 2 years ago with my family (Ages 8,12,14,45,45, and 47). It was the first escape room I'd ever been to visit. I thought it was super fun and had to admit to my niece she was 100% right, it was the BEST THING TO DO EVER with the whole family. Truly, there were puzzles that each one of us solved and... read more

    Ginger Welsh Avatar
    Ginger Welsh

    We a party of six had a great experience!! Its a bit creepy at first because we had no perspective on how Escape Rooms work. It was a very mindful escape game. We escaped with 18 seconds remaining!!!!! I recommend this highly!

    Alicia Hawley Avatar
    Alicia Hawley

    This was the most fun I have had in many months. Had only one prior experience in an escape room. 1. Our team of 5 was perfect, and we were able to split up to work on different puzzles, which allowed us to complete the escape with 30 seconds to spare. 2. The extended time (90 minutes) was very satisfying, because it allowed us more... read more

    Lynette Peters Avatar
    Lynette Peters

    Creative and fun. I enjoyed most of the puzzles in the room. I was also very excited just to know that there is a Davis located escape room now, and it was good. You can tell they put a lot of time an effort into designing this room. I recommend it for anyone who’s up for a challenge and some team building.

    Brina Tanaka Avatar
    Brina Tanaka

    Usually, getting locked in a room with 4 teenagers isn't a great way to spend an afternoon, but Minervium made it a lot of fun. The puzzles are of varying levels, which allowed all of us to contribute solutions. The props are well designed and the overall story is engrossing. I am looking forward to the next game, so I can take my family back.... read more

    Christopher Fluetsch Avatar
    Christopher Fluetsch

    This is a great escape room! 90 minutes of puzzles, would recommend.

    Eric Smith Avatar
    Eric Smith

    Had an amazing experience! The room was challenging and incredibly well-made. We had a lot of fun playing it and Alex was so kind! Highly recommend.

    Zoya G. Avatar
    Zoya G.
  • Puzzles are very creative, well done and interesting. The space cool and service is very good! Admirable work! Remarkable experience!

    Vinícius Galvão Avatar
    Vinícius Galvão

    My friends and I went here for my birthday celebration and it was probably one of the best activities we have done. It is a really well done room and all the puzzles were a good combination of fun and challenging. He gives you help if you REALLY get stuck and the man who runs it is super nice! I can't wait to go back... read more

    Carolanne McLennan Avatar
    Carolanne McLennan

    Clever puzzles within a room that was well-designed and executed. The eight people in our party were busy for the full 90 minutes. We had a great experience!

    Janis and Alex Cooke Avatar
    Janis and Alex Cooke

    So much fun, smart and unique conception, challenging puzzles, friendly and flexible staff. Very eager to go back for their next room!

    Gen Luca Avatar
    Gen Luca

    It is apparent that Alex has a lot of fun doing what he is doing. We found the puzzles just difficult enough for it to be challenging but not too difficult to figure it all out. I cannot wait to see what he has in store next.

    Alex Haider-Winnett Avatar
    Alex Haider-Winnett

    Our group had a challenging, but very fun, time trying to solve the many puzzles. I recommend this as an excellent group activity that will keep everyone entertained! I will certainly return to Davis Escape Key when they create a new puzzle!

    Joann Helmus Avatar
    Joann Helmus

    Really great experience! The puzzles were well thought out and exciting to solve. We had a group of 6 and nobody was bored at any point—we finished in just over 86 minutes. Alex is very helpful and kind. Was overall a super fun time and I highly recommend it to anyone interested!!

    Azba Gurm Avatar
    Azba Gurm

    I have a date night recommendation for Davis parents! We went on a quadruple date tonight, taking advantage of Parents Night Out at daycare, to try our first “escape room.” Had to be local so we could pick up the preschoolers before 9:00p, so we booked a 90-minute escape room experience at Minervium here in town. It was SO fun! We had never done anything... read more

    Cristina Buss Avatar
    Cristina Buss

    I personally think that the most people should be at least 5. If you have over 8 then it can be a little crowded. Anyways you should go there.

    ღ TheCottonCat ღ Avatar
    ღ TheCottonCat ღ

    We enjoyed that they had such a variety of interesting scenarios, and that it kept us all engaged and entertained the entire time. They have made it so a diverse group can each bring their own input and feel helpful. We look forward to whatever they come up with next.

    Jane Richardson Avatar
    Jane Richardson

    Went with my friends for a party. EXTREMELY fun! One of the best parties I've been to! My friends and I couldn't stop talking about it the whole way home. Definitely recommend!!

    Chloe Kershner Avatar
    Chloe Kershner

    I had done one other escape room before this one, but this one was by far more fun and better designed. We had a group of 8 and that seemed like a good number of people for all the puzzles. The ambience and props in the room are great! The puzzles are challenging and really original, the staff are friendly and you can tell they... read more

    D Jaime Avatar
    D Jaime
  • WONDERFUL experience. It was evident from the very beginning that the room creator thought critically about the presentation of the game and puzzles. All puzzles and questions were on theme and fun. We will definitely be back!

    Lindsey Mooney Avatar
    Lindsey Mooney

    Amazing, good story and all puzzles feel connected! I've done 5 escape rooms, this one is best so far.

    Jason Hui Avatar
    Jason Hui

    Wow! Super cool and well thought out. The owner/host was great. Looking forward to seeing what they do next.

    Rob Kinder Avatar
    Rob Kinder

    Very well thought out and the puzzles were very challenging. Lots of fun! Thanks Alex!

    Erik Steggall Avatar
    Erik Steggall

    My 3 friends and I enjoyed the escape room very much!! I would definitely recommend going. I won’t give any spoilers but there are many interesting and engaging puzzles. The two creators are also very kind and friendly. You can tell they love what they do and care to make a great experience. I’m excited to see what they come up with next!

    Isabella Babich Avatar
    Isabella Babich

    What an amazing escape room! I have done several rooms and this is really a "boutique" escape room experience. You are greeted and guided by the owner/creator which makes it super special! I can tell he is super passionate about this work and it shows!

    There are three main differences with this room compared to others I have done:
    1) The time allowed was 90...
    read more

    Ali Sampson Avatar
    Ali Sampson

    Would highly recommend! First time doing an escape room and they were very friendly and helpful. Glad to have a local escape room in Davis!

    Mandy Phong Avatar
    Mandy Phong

    Great experience at Minervium. Many thanks to Alex for taking the time to chat with us before and after.

    This was a great room and I really enjoyed that it was 90 minutes long - you need that time to complete all of the tasks. I also enjoyed the diversity of the puzzles that you had to complete.

    Looking forward to another room created by Alex!

    Amanda B Kahn Avatar
    Amanda B Kahn

    The puzzles are well thought out, challenging but rewarding. The props are high quality and the story is exciting and fun.

    Anthony Forsberg Avatar
    Anthony Forsberg

    Absolutely incredible experience. I recommend this to all my friends, co-workers, and even enemies - it's just too awesome to pass up. Alex put in so much work into creating this experience and it absolutely shows. Everything from the props, the room design, to the consistently challenging (but always fair!) puzzles were meticulously crafted. There is only one location to this room, so it is... read more

    Savinda Gunawardena Avatar
    Savinda Gunawardena

    There were eight of us ranging in age from 12 to over 50 and we all had a great time. The puzzles were extremely varied and cleverly designed to be topical. I also liked that we could check our answers pretty quickly and go back to the puzzles when we were wrong. It included a creepy ambiance that added to the experience. We look forward... read more

    Alex Cooke Avatar
    Alex Cooke

    The first escape room in Davis! These guys put together a fun, challenging room, and did a stellar job making the experience immersive and delightful. Good variety of puzzles, and great integration of technology to make things feel like magic. I ran this when it was in beta, and got to talk with two of the creators afterwards. I love their approach to creating the... read more

    Bayley Adams Avatar
    Bayley Adams
  • This was SO much fun! Puzzles were challenging and required working together - Went with a team of 4 people and barely made it out. 3 out of 4 of us had never done an escape room before. Definitely recommend!

    Stacey Galbreath Avatar
    Stacey Galbreath

    Our group’s Escape Room experience was top-notch! Alex is a passionate, intelligent, amusing host, who has made an amazing puzzle for his participants to solve. We had a unique evening full of fun and memory-making!

    Danette Krueger Avatar
    Danette Krueger

    Just did the escape room today and the puzzles were so unique from the other escape room I had done. The host, Nate, did a really good job to set the mood and give out hints to allow us to escape in time haha

    Rafael Roman Avatar
    Rafael Roman

    Perfect for a nerdy bachelorette party! My friends and I had lots of fun working together to solve complex puzzles and mysteries. Our host, Alex, was fun and passionate about the story. We would definitely go again when a new escape room scenario was set up. I'm so glad that I was recommended to make a reservation at this local fun zone by multiple friends.

    Radiance Hardiman Avatar
    Radiance Hardiman

    For my first escape room it was great and the puzzles were really fun but I'd recommend about 5-6 people since we had 7 and there was some time where people didn't do much, but 7-8 is okay it can just feel a little crowded at times.

    Caroline Johnson Avatar
    Caroline Johnson

    Great escape room! So much fun! So glad we have this in Davis.

    JAT Avatar

    We had a great time at Escape Key! The puzzles were challenging but not impossible, and the hosts were very welcoming. Heartily recommended for anyone who enjoys brain teasers!

    Matthew Harris Avatar
    Matthew Harris

    Excellent escape room! I only have experience with a few previous rooms but I really enjoyed the creativity and variety of the puzzles in this one. Nothing felt like a stretch. So much fun. Highly recommended!

    Erik Blosser Avatar
    Erik Blosser

    An absolutely amazing and well thought out set of puzzles. Would give more stars if I could

    Joe Zimmerman Avatar
    Joe Zimmerman

    Great experience at this escape room! The puzzles were challenging and kept everybody in our group engaged. The story was fun and the theme worked well to keep the suspense going. I highly recommend it! Very professional and friendly, engaging staff 🙂

    Sophie Calixte Avatar
    Sophie Calixte

    Our family had an incredible experience! The quality storyline and challenging puzzles kept us racing through clues. We barely made it out with only minutes left. Can’t wait to go back for another adventure!

    Ann Gomez Avatar
    Ann Gomez

    It really surprised me that there was a room escape in Davis, and man I'm so glad I came! The puzzles were really fun to do and were very unique! Overall, it was super fun and highly recommend to anyone wanting a challenging but awesome experience! 🙂 Thank you Minervium for the awesome finish to my birthday celebration!

    Regina Wang Avatar
    Regina Wang
  • This was the first time I’ve been to an escape room. There was only 1 person in our party that had experience. We had such a great time. Definitely plan on going back in the future. Unfortunately we were not able to escape. But plan on doing it next time. So if you like a challenge and fun with a group of friends. I’d definitely... read more

    angela coleman Avatar
    angela coleman

    First room I’ve gone to and it was such a fun experience Thank you RHODE COYOTE

    Eric Rhode Avatar
    Eric Rhode

    Went with some friends from my program, and we all had a great experience! It was super fun, and I'd definitely recommend!

    CJ Calabrese Avatar
    CJ Calabrese

    Great puzzles!! Well designed! We had a great inter generational family time here.

    Ron Dwyer-Voss Avatar
    Ron Dwyer-Voss

    Great game and methods were used for this escape room! Well thought out in details, technology, service, guidance and enthusiasm! Highly recommend this venue! Can't wait to see their new game! Very creative!

    Lee Bower Avatar
    Lee Bower

    I've lived in Davis for almost 9 years and had no idea this place was here. But I'm really glad that I had the chance to this escape room! I've only done a few others, and this was the hardest one I've ever done. We had a great team of 6 people but the pressure was definitely on to beat the clock! Our gamemaster, Alex,... read more

    Amber Berry Avatar
    Amber Berry

    Escaped with colleagues for a team-building activity. The room environments were really cool and the puzzles were creative. Had an awesome time and would definitely recommend to others.

    Amanda Dang Avatar
    Amanda Dang

    Such a great room! We had a group of mixed experience, with some people who had done many escape rooms and some who had done none. Both groups found it very exciting! The level of detail and care taken in both the physical design of the room and the puzzles was apparent. I would definitely recommend this room to both beginners and experienced players. We... read more

    Taryn Lausch Avatar
    Taryn Lausch

    I loved this room, really well thought through and had a lot of complex puzzles and a lot of simpler ones, it was all around awesome! Thanks for an awesome evening!

    Delta Rivers Avatar
    Delta Rivers

    Amazing place, the room they have is very challenging and fun. Perfect for birthday parties or other events.

    Winston Master Avatar
    Winston Master

    Our 3rd room and best so far. The puzzles were varied and use of technology unique, imaginative and innovative. It made the experience some more fun and varied. Totally recommend it.

    David Gehringer Avatar
    David Gehringer

    It was a lot of fun here. I went with my sister and her friend so we were a small group. I would recommend a larger group because of the complex set up and it is best to have a lot of brain power.

    Lily Gibney Avatar
    Lily Gibney

Welcome to Minervium

Thrilling puzzles. Unforgettable adventures. An experience you’ve never had before.

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See what others are saying

Amazing, good story and all puzzles feel connected! I've done 5 escape rooms, this one is best so far.

Jason Hui Avatar
Jason Hui

For my first escape room it was great and the puzzles were really fun but I'd recommend about 5-6 people since we had 7 and there was some time where people didn't do much, but 7-8 is okay it can just feel a little crowded at times.

Caroline Johnson Avatar
Caroline Johnson

So much detail and time put into this escape room. Been to a few others and this by far has been my favorite. Everything tied together perfectly! Would night recommend checking it out!

Danielle Magenheimer Avatar
Danielle Magenheimer

They’re still working out the kinks on the business side (website, etc), but don’t let that deter you, the room itself great. Good puzzles and some cool mechanical elements. Highly recommend!

Alex Borowsky Avatar
Alex Borowsky