Escape Room Events in Davis, CA

Immerse yourself in our complex story and experience the most exciting escape room events in Davis, CA, at Minervium. We blend puzzles, clues, and mysteries to develop the most thrilling, yet, thought-provoking challenges you’ve ever encountered. We incorporate team-building exercises to help strengthen working relationships and reveal hidden skills and potentials within your group by introducing them to intellectually nourishing challenges.

There are several event types we cater to at Minervium. We welcome birthday parties, small corporate events, private get-togethers, or just a night out with friends and family.

Birthday Parties

We welcome birthday parties with open arms! At Minervium, we do, however, want our customers to be aware that the puzzles may be difficult for children under the age of 13. Due to the challenging nature of some of the questions, riddles, and puzzles, we encourage adults to be there to assist. Have a blast with your friends, family, or kids on their special day. Let us know ahead of time so we can accommodate accordingly.

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Team Building for The Office

Another excellent reason to organize an escape room event would be for developing better interpersonal relationships with your co-workers and colleagues alike. Combining team building exercises along with an exciting mystery for your squad to solve is a great way to establish bonds in a thrilling and enjoyable manner.

Create better partnerships with your workforce by bringing them in for one of the most mentally stimulating adventures they’ll ever experience.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Email us at or call us at (530) 902-4768.

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Private Events

There doesn’t always have to be a special occasion. Sometimes, it’s just fun to get out with your family and friends to experience the thrill of a lifetime. All groups and events are completely exclusive to your booking—there won’t be anyone else other than who you bring to join in on the fun. Have your family, companions, and other loved ones come together to experience one of the most exciting challenges yet.

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